Run, Don’t Walk: You’re Stronger Than You Think

One advantage to being self-employed is having the freedom to exercise during business hours. I’ve happily taken advantage of my newfound flexibility this week, heading out for power walks after dropping my boy off at summer school, before it gets too hot in the Southern California desert.

This morning, I tried something I haven’t done for several years: Running.

I’ve maintained a basal fitness level walking and doing various Beachbody workouts whenever possible, but I didn’t think I was in running shape. Not at all.

I’m no athlete. I joke that I’m more of a mathlete, which is funny because I suck at math. My athletic ability is so low, it barely registers on the charts.

Clearly, my running expectations were low. I started out at a decent pace, not fast but not a slow, barely leaving the ground jog, either. I made it through the shaded nature trail near my house and started up a long, sunny hill that challenges me even when walking.

To my surprise, I made it to the corner, turned and headed up the rest of the hill.

By the time I reached the summit, I was gasping for breath. To be perfectly honest, I felt a little woozy. Okay, a lot woozy.

But after just two blocks of walking at a fast pace, I was ready to run again. So I did.

In all, I covered four miles and by my conservative estimate, ran three of them.

I was stunned.

You can see where I’m going with this. What else could I achieve that I assume I can’t?

I’m a pretty confident person and can’t help but wonder how much human potential is wasted every day when my experience is multiplied by 7 billion.

#confidence #leadership #running #anderson

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