Financial education and content marketing that you control.

FinancialFeed, a division of OmniChannel Communications, is the content marketing platform designed specifically for credit unions. Running on a presentation platform designed by security expert Jim Stickley, our plug-and-play financial literacy portal resides entirely on your website and can be set up in literally minutes. This one-of-a-kind member education tool offers:


  • Fresh, original articles added daily.

  • Five categories of content:

    • The basics

    • Everyday living

    • Planning and saving

    • Major expenses

    • Seasonal spending

  • Fully social media-enabled content for easy sharing.

  • The ability to customize any article, including hyperlinks to relevant pages on your site.

  • The ability to add your own articles to help drive sales.


Best of all, FinancialFeed is available as an easy, affordable monthly subscription with no long-term commitment. To see FinancialFeed in action, visit the FinancialFeed website.